Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is home to suburban neighborhoods in private gated communities.

Welcome to Crystal Cove

Private community surrounded by nature

Located in Newport Beach, Crystal Cove is home to suburban neighborhoods in private gated communities. The Mediterranean architecture completes the overall coastal vibe, making it feel like you’re on vacation in your own home. Situated in between the Pacific Coast Highway and the Pacific Ocean--and with coastal cliffs and coves in front of the beach--Crystal Cove feels like its very own town.

What to Love


  • Gated communities
  • Crystal Cove State Park
  • Ocean views
  • Crystal Cove State Beach

A Little Cove Community


Although technically in Newport Beach, Crystal Cove has its own vibe and community; it’s secluded in all the good ways. This place is perfect for people who enjoy waterfront living and watching the sunset along the Pacific but still appreciate the quietness of a gated community. Someone who lives here must truly enjoy nature, especially with Crystal Cove State Park being so close.

Since there are so many outdoor options ranging from the state park to the state beach, having pets is highly recommended. Not only would you love the fresh ocean breeze and smell of the beautiful fauna, but dogs would enjoy these small things as well.

In the Backyard of a State Park


Crystal Cove residents must be mindful of the Crystal Cove State Park and the Crystal Cove State Beach, as they are practically in the backyards of many homes. On land, the state park is utilized by many mountain bikers--a common recreational sport in the area. At sea, the state beach is popular amongst scuba divers, skin divers, and surfers. The Crystal Cove State Park website has lists of hiking trails on which to adventure, tidepools to check out, and even camping sites. Crystal Cove is a solid fit for those who enjoy the outdoors and setting up a tent in the wilderness. There’s also a high sense of community in regards to learning about the history of the area. Don’t forget to visit the historic district and check out the community’s rich past.

Things to Do


Besides the awesome sites you can visit within the State Park, there are other cool things to check out around the area. Fans of the fresh and affordable produce can shop at the local and wonderful Trader Joe’s. Who doesn’t love some TJ brand hummus and pita chips? They have a great selection of snacks you can take to the beach or on a scenic hike at the State Park.

For car buffs interested in living out on the coast, Aston Martin Dealership is well within the area. Check out the variety of cars they have to show, join Club Aston, and make buddies with the other car enthusiasts within the area.

Food is a big part of life no matter where you live, and there are several Crystal Cove restaurants you simply can’t miss. Mastro’s Ocean Club takes old-school steak and seafood entrees and puts a classy twist on them. If you’re craving some Mexican food, Javier’s has your back. Their authentic Mexican cuisine is made upscale, and their wide selection of tequilas will have you ordering margaritas all night long. Market-fresh food is available at Bear Flag Fish Company, and you can get fresh produce made into burritos, sushi, sandwiches, and tacos. Marche Moderne is the perfect date spot with classy French cuisine that’ll make you fall in love with Crystal Cove all over again.

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